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Royal University Hospital, Liverpool are running the First European Live workshop on Advances in Laparoscopy in Renal Transplantation from 28th-30th September 2014.

The workshop will demonstrate the Liverpool technique of Total Retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy. The donor nephrectomies will be followed by Laparoscopic Renal Transplants. Prof P Modi from the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre Ahmedabad, India, who has pioneered and has performed more than 170 Laparoscopic Transplants, has kindly agreed to demonstrate.

The Live surgery images will be transferred to the Auditorium with video link with two way communication which will give opportunity to the Audience to interact with the surgeons during the surgery.

The workshop is organised to generate interest in enthusiastic surgeons across the Europe to acquire the complete skills of Laparoscopy in Transplantation. CPD points will be applied for.

The workshops will precede with one day Cadaver course for hands on experience of Total Retroperitoneoscopic Donor Nephrectomy to be held at Manchester Skills Centre. The places will be limited (12) for the cadaver course. The registration will be separate for the workshop and course to enable candidates to register for the individual events. The Manchester Skills Centre is approximately 40 miles from Royal Liverpool University hospital and directions of travel will be supplied to the interested candidates and the travel arrangements will be made.

The live workshop will cost £250 (£200 early bird) and the cadaveric course £1000 (£900 early bird).

To apply, please use the application form (PDF).