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The Glasgow transplant unit has a fully funded research/clinical fellow post. .

The post carries a full clinical salary plus multiplier for a 1 in 6, 24 hour partial shift on-call for kidney transplantation. There is no retrieval component. The timetable is flexibly geared to protect 80% of working day sessions to be completely free for research. This is an excellent deal compared with the majority of other research posts in UK.

The appointee will register for an MD (extendable to a Ph.D.) and he/she will have the option of a laboratory based research project (rat hybrid IRI and renal transplant model). We have funding for the application of several novel strategies for inhibition of IRI/peritransplant injury. Alternatively, the appointee may wish to focus on a clinical project and the 1st of these strategies to translate will commence in a phase 1 study in Spring 2015.

Additionally, the appointees will be expected to support all the current clinical studies within the department which span transplantation, living donation and vascular access surgery. It is a departmental ethos that such research work is an integral part of clinical care. All three prior appointees have achieved several additional publications via this route.

The role would best suit a trainee interested in kidney transplantation who has an NTN and wishes to go out of program for research or a trainee wishing to obtain a higher degree before obtaining a training number.

Anybody who might like further information is welcome to contact me, by email initially, to discuss and visit. I will obviously link up anybody interested with the 3 people who have been in the role since I set it up in this form in Glasgow. They can tell you more objectively than I about the opportunity the posts represent and how good the supervision and formal research training has been.