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Research in Transplant Surgery

Transplantation is a rapidly evolving field with numerous opportunities for research ranging from basic science to clinical outcomes, in fields as diverse as immunosuppression and regulation, organ allocation and preservation, surgical techniques and patient outcome measures.

During the Herrick Society meeting at the British Transplantation Society Congress in February 2014, a transplantation research group was formed – the Herrick Society Transplant Research Collaborative (CCTRC) – with the aim of promoting collaborative audit, service evaluation and research projects among transplant trainees. The CCTRC is a member of the National Research Collaborative .

Not only will the CCTRC help to develop small, local projects into larger, more generalisable studies, it will also act as a forum for project development and closer working between trainees in different units.

Ideas for future projects and queries about research in transplantation are always welcome: please e-mail [email protected].

The first project arising from the Herrick Society Annual Meeting 'Collaborative Research in Transplantation' is now ready to begin: CoURT (Complications of the Ureter after Renal Transplantation).

This is a prospective, observational project, designed to examine the incidence and management of Major Urological Complications and UTIs following renal transplantation. It has 3 phases:

Junior doctors from any Transplant Unit are welcome to participate. We are actively recruiting Units at the moment. The protocol can be downloaded here. Please contact [email protected] to take part, or for any questions about the project.